The #Herstory Galway illuminations taking place THIS FRIDAY, 27th January, will celebrate Brigid and the strength and spirit of Galway women.
Legendary locals will be celebrated including Úna Taaffe, Ena McEntee, Biddy Ward, Lady Gregory, Nora Barnacle and Gort heroine Mara; with portraits by local artists Geraldine Kilmartin, Irene Naughton, Shona MacGillivray, Erin Darcy, and local school children.
The Daughter of the Dagda Exhibition will return with artists Hilary Morley, Eleanor Duggan and Patsy Connolly responding to ‘Brigit on her special day, by looking at how the business of being female has been represented in Ireland past and present through myths, symbols and iconography.’
The illuminations will also include artists’ interpretations of Brigid and this comes from a worldwide open call in which we invited artists to create art of Brigid – goddess and saint – and the modern women who embody her qualities and share her passions as environmentalist, feminist, Pride icon, healer, pioneer, human rights activist, goddess of the arts, alchemist and wisdom weaver.
For more details, and a schedule of events:
The Herstory Light Show is co-produced with Dodeca Ireland and funded by Galway County Council CreativeIrl Programme, with curation by Herstory in partnership with Galway City Arts Office. #StBrigidsDay #Imbolc


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