Captain Moreno has just arrived in Galway (his favourite city) with a load of wine. He invites you, his fellow sailor, to see a bit of the city. As you walk around the city, you hear music that is happening in various places. You are listening to audio which places you in early 17th-century Galway, but you are seeing the modern city. This plays with your perceptions and imagination. We suggest using earphones for the best experience. 



This started out as a smartphone app, commissioned by Galway Early Music, that allowed visitors to Galway to walk around the medieval city guided by Captain Moreno. Audio was triggered at particular places by GPS. Due to the pandemic, people cannot visit and walk around Galway, so we thought we would create this draft version of our Medieval Walk using the audio created for the original app, to give you a chance to be in Galway again – medieval Galway! Filmed in March 2021, you’ll see a strangely empty Galway, but we hope it will be full of visitors soon. This video was created for Early Music Day 2021, but wasn’t ready due to technical details. We hope you enjoy it and would love to get constructive feedback!

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