Michael McGrath, Archdruid of Tara and Ireland, descended from the Eyre family of Galway after whom Eyre Square is called!

Join us at the Hall of the Red Earl during Heritage Week, August 17-25, 2024, for a special event with Archdruid Michael McGrath. Michael, whose ancestral roots are deeply entwined with Galway through his late mother’s lineage, will delve into the fascinating history of the Eyre Maunsell family.
Michael’s maternal grandmother was born to Kate Coleman and Edward Eyre Maunsell, the resident magistrate of Dungarvan and formerly of Tramore. The Eyres of Galway descended from a Cromwellian captain who married into the Maunsell family, creating the Eyre Maunsell lineage. The Maunsells, originally from France, accompanied William the Conqueror to England and later Ireland, becoming prominent figures in the British forces and empire builders.
This event promises to be a captivating journey through history, heritage, and the enduring legacy of Galway’s influential families. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with the past and explore the cultural richness of Galway with Michael McGrath.


The Archdruid of Tara and Ireland, Michael McGrath, Announces Visit to Hall of the Red Earl – Friday 23 August 2024 (TBC) – Check back soon for updates!

An Invitation to Celebrate Heritage

We are excited to announce that Michael will be a guest of honour at an event in Galway to mark Heritage Week 2024. This event will be an opportunity for the community to celebrate our rich cultural history and explore the ancient wisdom that Michael so passionately champions.


Sold by

Michael McGrath

The lost wisdom of our ancient druids. The Druid Tradition lay at the heart of Ireland before history began. It is ancient, yet ever new. The source of Druidry is in the Divine, thus it explains our very existence now and after death.

Our druid ancestors knew that the flow of energy from the sun, sunspot activity and the telluric force of earth energies all influence human life. This higher knowledge, the lost science of the druids, was eroded – but the ancient wisdom tradition remains and is told herein.

Here the modern Irish Archdruid, Michael McGrath of Kilkenny, delves into the mysteries to reveal a great intellectual wealth of ancient druidic metaphysics and a wisdom of astonishing sophistication. 224 pages, paperback. Available Here: https://www.buythebook.ie/product/the-wisdom-of-the-irish-druids/

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