As the upcoming referendum on March 8th approaches, we want to emphasize the paramount importance of active participation in the democratic process. The Galway Yes Yes campaign, as reflected in the sentiments expressed by its members Rachel Doyle and Niall Murphy, advocates for important societal changes. However, it is crucial to underline that our platform remains impartial. We are not here to instruct you on how to vote, but rather to encourage you to exercise your democratic right. Regardless of your stance on the issues at hand, we urge all citizens to make their voices heard by casting their ballots. Let’s engage in this pivotal moment for our nation with the power of our votes.


The Galway Yes Yes campaign got off to a start on Saturday with canvassers in Eyre Square and on shop Street taking the opportunity to speak to the people of Galway about their campaign, urging people to Vote Yes and Yes in both referendums being held on March 8th.

“Friday 8 March represents a historic day in Ireland”, said Rachel Doyle of the Galway Yes Yes campaign. As a nation we will vote in two referendums that represent a turning point for our country. We can finally give equality to all Ireland’s children that were born outside of marriage, we can recognise the diversity of families in Ireland, leaving no family behind. she added. “That is why I and the Galway Yes Yes Campaign are urging the people of Galway to vote Yes and Yes in both of these referendums”

Green Party Councillor Niall Murphy stated that “by voting Yes and Yes we can recognise the enormous contribution that care makes to our society, recognising the family care of women and men today and in the future and we can give a clear direction to this and all future Governments to better support families and care within families”.



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