As we approach the referendum on March 8th, let us emphasize the significance of active participation in shaping the future of our society. The content of this post advocates for crucial changes regarding care, equality, and recognition of diverse family structures. While the message is clear and compelling, it’s important to reiterate our impartial stance. We are here to facilitate informed engagement, not to dictate your vote.
Regardless of your personal stance on the issues discussed, we encourage you to exercise your democratic right and cast your ballot. This is an opportunity for each of us to contribute to the ongoing evolution of our nation’s values and policies. Let’s unite in our commitment to a society where care, equality, and family are valued and protected. Use your vote to make a difference on March 8th.

#VoteYESYES – for family, for care, for women, for equality
A woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be

Vote YES in the care referendum on 8th March to:

  • Remove sexist language from our Constitution
  • Send a message to the Government to support all forms of care
  • Recognise and protect all families and children equally in our Constitution

​Vote YES to change wording of Article 41.2 of the Constitution “woman’s place in the home” clauseRemove sexist, limiting language

  • Our constitution currently says that only women have “duties” in the home and that the State should encourage women to stay at home
  • Article 41.2 never recognised women’s diverse contribution to society, never reflected the reality of our lives, never helped any woman to stay at home or to go out to work
  • Article 41.2 fails to recognise the care roles that men fulfil, nor does it place responsibility on the State to ensure adequate care services

​Voting YES sends a strong message about the society we want to have, where men and women alike are encouraged to have strong, caring relationships and are supported by the State to do so.

Send a message to the Government to support all forms of care 

  • We all give and receive care at different times of our lives. This care is often unseen and undervalued
  • Everyone who provides care, deserves support and recognition
  • The government must deliver real, practical action and investment for care such as a public childcare model ,better paid family leave, a universal pension for all, guaranteed access to homecare supports and personal assistance for disabled people and a commitment to the right of people to live independently inside and outside of the home.

Recognise the harm done to women

  • Women are still facing inadequate income, lack of pensions and poverty in old age today
  • Article 41.2 results in an absence of the types of supports that give people real choices with regard to care– things like public care services and affordable childcare
  • By voting YES we can finally close this dark chapter of our past and move on together

Vote YES to the family referendum 8th March to value all families equally

  • All families, whether lone-parent families, families where relatives look after children, or cohabiting couples deserve recognition in our Constitution
  • 40% of births take place outside marriage today. All of these children deserve recognition and legal protection
  • A YES vote sends a messages to families across the country, in all their diversity, that they are recognised and valued equally

#VoteYesYes on 8th March 2024



Original Source: National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI)


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Declan · February 2, 2024 at 5:43 pm

“The feminists are getting angry and are moving into action. They seem stung by the suggestion that the normal place for a woman is the home”. Archbishop McQuaid, 1937

These were the words written by Archbishop McQuaid to Eamon DeValera in 1937 in relation to inserting Article 41.2 into our Constitution.

A woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be 😉

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