Highlights from National Harp Day on SATURDAY, 21st OCTOBER 2023

3-4 PM The Red Earl’s Hall, Druid Lane, Galway

Harp and Bard: Kathleen Loughnane, Catriona Cannon, and guest Máirín Ní Dhonncha.


The theme of our 2023 harp day celebration is Meanma; the morale, the spirit and the pride that harpers have in our harping tradition, which is recognised on UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanities. Harpers worldwide can showcase and embody that joy and courage, as together we push the parameters of our harping tradition and sustain our living harping heritage.

Why not help us build our programme? Sign up for our Harpers’ Call,  organise a Lá na Cruite | Harp Day 2023 event in your local area, or if you have an idea to promote the harp in any way, please let us know.

Lá na Cruite| Harp Day is for everyone.
Bigí linn, fáilte roimh chách!

Contact us at  info@harpireland.ie      https://www.harpireland.ie/


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