The preserved remains of the 19th century Martin Tea-House Folly is located in ground belonging to NUI,Galway in Dangan on the banks of the River Corrib, approximately 1.5 km northwest of Galway city. The Tea-House Folly is part of the remains of the once powerful Martin family's Dangan House residence who used it as a place from which to view activities on the river while taking afternoon tea. It is also thought that the location of the Tea-House was a sign of contempt or indifference by the Martin's to their rival family the Blake's who resided in Menlo Castle on the opposite bank of the river. This architectural curiosity had been in danger of collapse, and was completely overgrown when the Civic Trust decided to preserve it. A sensitive restoration project was undertaken by our FÁS crew, under the direction of Supervisor Michael Davis, and Martin Barrett of NUI, Galway's Buildings Office with advice from Galway City Council's Heritage Officer, Mr. Jim Higgins. The preservation of this important heritage building was completed by Galway Civic Trust in 2002.